Art Masterpiece

Our goal is to spark a love and appreciation for art in our children. Our volunteers spend one to two days a month in the classroom teaching an art lesson on a designated art master. Each lesson includes a brief history about the artist followed by a fun art lesson. Each grade level is assigned 7 different art history masters to learn about throughout the year. Every year students learn about a different group of artist, styles, mediums and eras while following state school standard guidelines. At the end of every school year kids are sent home with a portfolio of their art that they can all be proud of. By the end of 5 grade a student will have learned about 42 different art masters, and had an amazing exposure to art and art history.

To keep this program going we need volunteers! Ideally, more than one volunteer in each class. I know what you’re thinking…! know nothing about art history or about planning an art lesson. You don’t need to, each artist and lesson plan is already mapped out for you in the art supply room on campus. Each art lesson has its own folder with a brief history already written, lesson plans, and a list of supplies. We have a fully stocked supply room that you can easily gather what you need. That’s not to mention all the other parents who currently volunteer who will be available as resources to answer questions or help with guidance….you won’t be alone.

Last but not least our biggest fund raiser of the year is the school art auction! We raise money that goes directly back to the schools art, music and science program. Each classroom comes up with a project to be auctioned off. Art masterpieces volunteers help coordinate this project for their room. More information will be given closer to the function. This is really fun and rewarding project!

Art masterpiece is a fun way to be involved in your child’s classroom.

“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.”-Maya Angelou

Current Art Masterpiece volunteers can access the Art Masterpiece website here. You will find lesson plans, artist by room number page, a volunteer roster and other important information. Please, let us know if you are denied the access. Thank you for being our volunteer.