Committee Descriptions

2022-2023 Bobcat Club Committee Descriptions

subject to change

Art Masterpiece: Kelli R. is Chair,
2-4 volunteers PER CLASS are needed. NO ART EXPERIENCE IS NECESSARY! One volunteer can lead the pre-designed, fully-supplied lesson, while the others help out with prepping, assisting, and cleaning up the lessons (the leader role can be switched off– your team’s style is up to you, your teacher, and what you all want to do!). This is a once/twice a month commitment, in addition to communicating with the teacher to schedule lessons, setting up your lessons and the initial volunteer training at the beginning of this school year (date tba). We also take on Square 1 Art projects at the beginning of this school year (which are built into the Art M program) and the collaborative art projects for the Spring Auction’s live auction at the beginning of next year.

Art Night: 1 Chair and 5 Volunteers are needed

A wonderful event for families to come out and explore the magic of art. With many different hands-on stations, your family gets to create wonderful masterpieces and take home beautiful pieces. The Chair will schedule the events and work with volunteers to run art stations and sell snacks for Bobcat Club.

Book Fair: Jessica J./Meigan R. are Co-Chairs, and 5-8 Volunteers needed

The book fair is a great event full of irresistible books for every reading level. It’s open all week for families to walk around and purchase books of all ages. Volunteers are asked to help set up, clean up, and work the book fair.

Box Tops 4 Education: Eric S. is Chair

The coordinator collects and mails them in and checks our online account. Our school receives $.10 for every box top.

Bulletin Boards: 1-2 volunteers needed

Update the two bulletin boards around the school with the most recent event and calendar information. Estimated hours are 1-2 hrs per month.

Campus Volunteers: 1-2 Chairs and 5-10 volunteers needed

Principal Winters would love for volunteers at recess to help initiate/guide play at recess times. This is NOT yard duty. Activity options are garden (4th & 5th grade Lunch Fridays), sports referee (esp. tetherball, soccer, basketball), music (BYO guitar or speaker and G-rated songs), active game organizer, art/ craft table organizer, cooperative games. play facilitator, buddy bench helper.

The chair (volunteer coordinator) would help schedule the volunteers and be the liaison between Principal Winters and the campus volunteers.

Classroom Bobcat Reps: 1 per classroom

Represent the Bobcat Club with your classroom! You will be the liaison between your classroom and the Bobcat Club. You can keep parents and teachers up-to-date with what is going on!

Copy Crew: 1-5 volunteers needed

This is a great position if you only have 1 hour or so during the week to help out. Committees will ask the copy crew to make flyer copies and put them into the teacher’s mailboxes. Copy codes and classroom lists are provided, and all copies are made at school.

Drive 4 Schools: Emilie C. is Chair, 1-2 volunteers needed

Fundraiser sponsored by the SC Beach Boardwalk. Parents purchase raffle tickets, and 100% of the money from the ticket sales goes back to the teachers! The chair will coordinate pick up and drop off raffle tickets with the Boardwalk, coordinate with teachers, distribute tickets, keep an ongoing spreadsheet of how much money each teacher has raised, and collects tickets. Committee will coordinate with classrooms to pass out tickets to kids, collect money and turn them into the Committee Chair.

Fun Run: 1 Chair and 1-5 volunteers needed

The Fun Run returned last year and was a huge success. The Chair coordinates with the Board and Boosterthon (the organization that conducts the Fun Run). The Chair is in charge of getting t-shirt sponsors, communicating with the Principal/Board/teachers about the schedule, and coordinating all communication that goes out to parents with the Board. Volunteers are needed the day of to help mark the kids’ t-shirts, run the water station, and cheer on the students.

Grantwriting: Erica S. is Chair and Leah S.

Only have time to volunteer during non-school hours? This is a perfect job for you. We are always looking for a couple of people that are willing to research and write grants to support our school!

Marketing/Flyers/Social Media: Devin L.

Are you a graphic artist? Aspiring to be one? We’d love for you to help Becca and Kelli out with marketing, flyers, and social media posts.

Marquee: Jessica B. is Chair

Chair coordinates with the Bobcat President and principal for verbiage on the marquee. Verbiage changes about every two weeks.

Movie Nights: Liza-Jane C. is chair, 3-5 volunteers needed

Coordinate the movie night with the Board and Principal. Get the word out and run the event, including selling snacks the night of.

Open House: 5 volunteers needed

Volunteers will help set up, clean up and work at two different tables selling pizza, drinks, and cookies before the open house begins.

Read-A-Thon: Noe J., Chair, and 1-2 volunteers needed

Volunteers will help the Chair run the read-a-thon.

Restaurant Dine-Outs: 1 Chair Needed

4-5 times a year, local restaurants donate part of their evening dinner proceeds to SLVE. This volunteer will contact the restaurants, schedule dates with the club, and then follow up with the restaurant for payment. There is an existing list of restaurants that like to participate and contact information for the Chair.

Science Night: 1 Chair and 2 volunteers needed

Hosted by our wonderful science teachers. This is an evening event at SLVE, free for all families to learn & explore fun science activities. Chair and volunteers will work with the science teachers to set up and organize as well as sell snacks for the Bobcat Club.

School Dance: On Hold for 2022-23

Fun-filled dancing event for the whole family! Students love to get dressed up for our themed dances and enjoy an evening of dancing, photo booth, food, and beverages. Volunteers are needed to help with the event, from setup, breakdown, and decorations to ticket and food sales.

See’s Candy: Erica S. is Chair

Fun and easy fundraiser during the holidays. The Chair coordinates with See’s Candy and the Board.

Spring Auction: 2 Chairs and 10-15 volunteers needed

This is a wonderful adult-only event held at Roaring Camp, it’s our biggest fundraiser of the year. The evening consists of a silent auction of donations from around the community as well as a very lively live auction of amazing art projects from each of the classes at SLVE. Art Masterpiece volunteers help coordinate the project for their room. Spring Auction volunteers will work throughout the year to solicit and pick up auction donations, work on bobcat bakeoff, and set up and break down the event, decorations, and beer/wine donations. This is really fun and rewarding project!

Square 1 Art: Kelli R. is Chair

The students will work on an art project that will then be used to create a catalog of personalized products – perfect gift ideas for the holidays! The Chair coordinates with Square 1 to get on the calendar and ensure that volunteers know the schedule.

Staff Appreciation Week: Becca R. is Chair, lots of volunteers needed

Although this is not a fundraiser for the bobcat club, this is a very important week we show the staff of SLVE how much we appreciate all they do. Through a series of volunteering, we decorate doors, provide lunch, gifts, coffee, etc. Sign up genius will go out in the spring. Volunteers will work with each class to create a special week for their teachers.

Talent Show: Annie S. is Chair, and 1-2 volunteers needed.

Our talented students give their best shot center stage at the new performing arts theater at the high school. Put on by Raissa Gale and a parent volunteer, students will try-out and then perform a day & evening show.

Yearbook: Jenn M. is Chair, and 2 volunteers needed

Volunteers take pictures of all events on campus and in the classrooms. The pictures are used to create a beautiful yearbook. Great volunteer position if you’re not on campus a lot or on campus to take pictures. You can also help layout pages.