Board Descriptions

Bobcat Club Board Duties

President Duties:

Vice President Duties:

Secretary Duties

Co-Treasurer Duties

Money Handling Duties



Bookkeeper Specific Duties



Chair Duties

Co-Yearbook Coordinator:

Spring Auction Coordinator:

Drive 4 Schools Coordinator:

Staff Appreciation Week:


Box Tops Coordinator Duties

Starting out as Coordinator:

Familiarize yourself with the Box Tops 4 Education website and app for scanning receipts. 

At least once per month: 

Once or twice per Year:

Collect (in jar in SLVE Office) and Submit “physical” box tops collected. Must have 50 unexpired Box Tops to submit, so this is slowly getting phased out as Box Tops are completely digital now, though we still get physical ones in from time to time.

Best times to Collect and send in are by the BTFE submission deadlines, which are typically around November 1st and March 1st each year.

Talent Show Coordinator

Working with the assigned SLVE Staff member to assist with the Talent Show (currently Raissa Gale – as of

2021/2022 school year), put on an in-person Talent Show in the High School PAC, if available. If not, use the

SLVE MU room.

The Staff member will work with the SLVUSD Theater Manager and Administration as needed to come up with

dates to reserve the PAC for Dress Rehearsals (1-2 depending on how many participants) and Shows (typically

2 daytime shows for staff and students to view and 1 evening show for friends/family).

Once a Show Date has been established, work with your Staff member for the following…..

1. Auditions: held up to 6-8 weeks prior to show date (depending on if it spans winter break or not, otherwise

4-5 weeks should be sufficient). Auditions can be split up by grades (ie: K-1 st , 2 nd -3 rd , & 4 th -5 th ). If there are

groups whose participants span across grades, they may choose which audition time/day works best for them.

2. Permission Slips: Get permission slips out about 4 weeks prior to the Auditions (copies for each class).

Permission slips are due about 1 week prior to Auditions so you know roughly how many students to expect.

Allow a grace period (secretly, not announced) for late slips to come in (in case of absences or lost in a

classroom box/tray for submitted work/business).

3. Callbacks: These “callbacks” are actually used as times to help the students who weren’t quite “ready”

during auditions for a live performance. Select students for callbacks based on if they need further trial runs

for confidence, lyric changes, or any other extra help to prepare them for the stage.

4. Create the Line Up:

Sort all acts by class/teacher, then split into 2 groups with a similar number of acts (Keep in mind most acts are

1-3 min long, so having 2 groups/shows of 20-30 acts is easier than having 1 large show with 40-60 acts which

would be too long for viewing. Keeping each show to around 1 hour or less is ideal, and keep in mind that

there is extra time needed in between each act to swap out performers).

Once you have 2 equal groups, organize/place in an order by act (it’s always a good idea to start with who

your opening and closing acts will be, then fill in the middle). Mix it up by type of act and grade, being sure to

change where on stage an act will perform (ie: Center Stage – best for group, dance, or sport-type

performances; Right/Left Triangle – best for individual singers or small instrument performers). Changing

stage locations allows for quick and smooth transitions, for example having a solo singer singing in a triangle,

while you are setting up for a group performance behind the center stage curtain.

5. MC’s and Stagehands: You will need 2 MC’s (who introduce the show and announce each act/performance)

and 2 Stagehands (backstage helpers) per show (4 of each total). The Staff member will work with the 5 th grade

teachers to help choose who these students will be. Either you or a helper will create “cue cards” for the MC’s

to use on stage, which include the act number (for organizational purposes), Name of student(s), and what

they are performing.

6. Making Banners: Our 5 th grade teachers will also select a few artistic students to help

draw/paint/decorate/create the banners we hang at the front of the stage (1-2 banners, typically stating

something like: “2022 SLVE Talent Show”). These banners are made the week of the show, allowing enough

time for any paint to dry, and only being placed on stage walls the day of the show.

7. Collect & Organize Music: Keep track of all acts requiring music to be played through the PAC sound

system. These songs will need to be organized by act, in MP3 format and on a thumb drive to be given to the

Theater Manager prior to dress rehearsals. Always verify with the current Theater Manager how they want the

songs labeled for ease of use (for example: s1a1 would be “show 1 act 1” or s2a6 would be “show 2 act 6”).

8. Gather Parent Volunteers: Start a volunteer list starting with the ones who said “yes” on their child’s

Permission Slip. You will need:

1-2 volunteers to help at each Audition day/time. These volunteers help with checking in students and

prepping forms for the Talent Show Coordinator and Staff assistant who will be watching and timing auditions.

2 volunteers per Dress Rehearsal and per Show time. These volunteers help manage students backstage.

9. Programs: A Parent Volunteer (or yourself) will create a digital Talent Show Program to be available to hand

out only at the evening friends/family show. This program will not be printed until the day of or the day before

the show in case of any lineup changes (typically due to illness or other conflicts of the evening show time).

10. Dress Rehearsals: Typically held 1-2 days prior to the actual day of the shows. The dress rehearsals

typically take longer than the actual show. Here, the performers (and hopefully high school tech/lighting crew)

will learn the rules of the theater, test the music & microphones, learn their stage cues and performance

location (Center stage, right/left triangle), the MC’s get to practice introducing acts, and Stagehands get to see

how they will help behind the scenes.

11. Day of Show(s): The Talent Show Coordinator’s job on the day of the shows is to essentially be the “stage

manager”. You may get a headset (if there are no high school tech students to do it) to be in contact with the

tech booth to help keep the show running smooth from behind the scenes. Make sure performers are ready to

go on stage at the correct location at the right time.

Need writeups for these positions:

Book Fair Coordinator

Read-A-Thon Coordinator

Square 1 Art Coordinator

Fun Run Coordinator

Marketing/Social Media/Bulletin Boards Coordinator

Dine Out Coordinator

Family Dance Coordinator

Movie Night Coordinator


The primary objectives and purposes of this corporation shall be:

To support the students throughout their years at San Lorenzo Valley Elementary School (a.k.a. SLVE) and support the SLVE teachers, administration, and staff in fulfilling the school's mission of providing a nurturing, intellectually stimulating and challenging environment that ensures our children's success throughout their future.

The Bobcat Club will: