Our fundraising efforts throughout the year are spent on many different enrichment programs for our students.   Each year we raise over $75,000 which is used to keep art, music, science and life lab programs alive and thriving for our students.

We also directly support teachers, library and school related social events such as the parent/child dance, talent show, holiday activities and the annual auction (which is both a parent / teacher social event and a fund raiser).

The complete list is:

  • Science Camp Scholarships
  • The Yearbook
  • Classroom supplies and equipment
  • PE supplies
  • Teacher Appreciation
  • Technology
  • Art Masterpiece Supplies
  • Science teacher salary and supplies
  • Music teacher salary and supplies
  • Life lab salary and supplies
  • Library books and supplies

TODO: Need page on science-camp. Nobody knows what this is before 5th grade!

TODO: Add a slide show of pictures of these things — science, art, music, teacher appreciation, yearbook

TODO: Yearbook page