Square 1 Art At SLE!

We have an exciting Fundraiser planned for this year.  It is a wonderful Art Project for every child to complete.

Families will have a chance to order from a wide variety of gift items for friends and family that will have each child’s individual artwork on it (cell phone cases, pillows, mugs, art canvases, mouse pads, key chains, pot holders, aprons, etc!!).

  • The artwork will be created in September (every grade will work on different art project)
  • Families will get personalized catalogs in November to order their gifts for the December holidays
  • Orders will be delivered to classrooms in the middle of December

And our school will get 33% from all net sales!


This fundraiser has an explicit timeline that will have kids completing their artwork within September.  Each grade will have a specific, detailed instructional set to work from. WE NEED VOLUNTEERS ASAP! If you’d like to help, please contact: