Start all your amazon shopping by clicking our affiliate+smile link in the top right corner of our site. For every dollar you spend, approximately 7% will be donated back to the bobcat club!

To get the most benefit, be sure to sign up for and choose “San Lorenzo Valley Elementary School Bobcat Club” as the recipient. Once done, clicking on the link in the top-right of our home-page should automatically send you to and donate funds to our affiliate and smile donation accounts.

Wild Roots Markets

S.O.S Suport Our Schools Program: Pre-payu for a Gift Card and Wild Roots Market will donate 5% to the school of your choice. Any amount, anytime. Cards can be resued, the more you shop, the more they can share.

eScrip Online Mallescrip

Sign up at and a percentage of your online shopping purchases will go toward supporting SLVE.

Nob Hill Foods (Scotts Valley)Raleys

Associate your Something Extra Rewards Card with the SLVE Bobcat Club — click here.

Safeway has discontinued its escrip program (which used to give $10,000 to the Bobcat club), so if you can, please shop at Nob Hill (bought by Raley’s).

If you know of a local store that has a non-profit/education program, please email us at Check back here for more options.

Box Tops for Educationboxtops_icon

Students love this activity and there is a healthy competition between classroom as to who can collect the most box tops. Box top collection raises over $1000 each year. Check in the library to see which classroom is ahead.

Follow the instructions here. Also see the box tops for education web site and see how well our school has done so far.